Water Mural
This project is from the field of Art & Science. The project extends the boundaries of painting and fine art. The artist has created a special technology of painting on the surface of ice. These are living canvases, which behave unsteadily. Images melt, disappear, transform. In his project the artist uses environmentally friendly materials: ice, chalk, natural pigments. The project explores the theme of global warming. The artist plans to let the ice paintings on water, on living seas and rivers. They will dissolve and become part of the global water of the world.
Photo Art
Live Painting
It is a painting capable of changing in space. The hues of the painting change and sometimes disappear altogether, it depends on the temperature in space. For me it is an opportunity to push the boundaries of fine art and allow the painting to live its own life, as a living object... For me it is a way beyond painting and beyond myself. We have been doing paint layer experiments for a long time, but as the tests show, after a few years the paint layer does not deteriorate. For me, this research continues!
Moonlight Painting
Painting created with innovative colors. The painting is able to absorb light and emit it... The image appears on the white canvas when ultraviolet light hits it. A beam of light glides across the image, creating a story. Visible in darkness and semi-darkness, the image begins to glow with shades of halftones and meanings. A barely perceptible image emerges when the painting is in a daylight-lit space. A series of paintings in this technique reflects the theme of sensuality and intimacy,

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